HeartSender V3.0 - 100% Clean

HeartSender V3.0 Cracked

No backdoor... You can take your time to check it out.

Heart Sender is one of the Best Email Sender in Market. HeartSender V3 was release 2021. Connect your smtp to it then you can be sure of your sending.

Few Features It got:

  • bulletproof Letter Encryptions
  • Auto Tags List view
  • Bulk SMTP Checker
  • Html Letter Maker
  • Pre Header in Letter
  • Spam word Detector
  • Form Email
  • Form Name Rotation
  • Proxy Supported (SOCK4, SOCK5, PROXY)
  • Get Email From IMAP (Full Valid Emails0
  • Multiple Email Rotation

HeartSender V3.0 Will make your email sending Journey easier than you can think.... this send Can use proxy too incase of email landing spam, you can utilize the proxy part for inbox purpose

You have to wait 30 econds.

Click on Download Button After Time is Over


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