HeartSender V1.2 - 100% Clean

Heart Sender V1.2 - 100% Clean

Heart Sender V1.2 Clean Cracked for Spamming and sending Marketing Emails. It's Free and clean, This Tool can send Emails to Any induvial in any part of the world... Feel Free To download and check it out.

This tool useful for email spamming and as well as smtp to sms method and then use this tool in virtual environment only like sandbox/rdp, virtualbox, Vmware, etc.. Don’t use in your main PC.

This heart sender can hits inbox like Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Office, etc……. depending on how you utilize it.

Features it includes: 

  • Letter Encrypter Unicode [ UPDATE ] Letter Encrypter ZeroFont [ UPDATE ] Source Letter Encrypter Base64 [ UPDATE ] Source Letter Encrypter Quarted Printed [ UPDATE ] Subject Encrypter PunnyCode [ UPDATE ] Subject Encrypter Base64 [ UPDATE ] Images Encrypter Unicode [ UPDATE ] Images Encrypter Punnycode [ UPDATE ] Url Encrypter Unicode [ UPDATE ] Url Encrypter UrlEncode [ UPDATE ] Multi Thread
  • Get Username Email
  • Get Domain Email
  • Support FUD
  • Supoprt Auto PunnyCode
  • Multi SMTP Sender
  • Random Country Tag
  • Random Country Capital Tag
  • Random Fake Email Tag
  • Random Apple Phone Tag
  • Random Apple Apps Tag
  • Random MacBook Tag
  • Random Android Version Tag
  • Random Android Browsers Tag
  • Random Windows Version Tag
  • Random Windows Browsers Tag
  • Random IP
  • Random UserAgent Tag
  • Random From Mail
  • Random From Name
  • Random Subject
  • Random File Name Attachment
  • Random Encoding and Charset
  • Support Emoji In Subject and Sender Name
  • Support Attachment (JPG, PNG, ICO, PDF, DOCS and Other File)

You have to wait 30 econds.

Click on Download Button After Time is Over


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